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Published by Ronald on Thursday, 21 Jul 2011 09:09 EDT

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edit: closed/moved. We might find different plans for it.

We are opening up the shoe database!  We believe that currently there is no good and simple way to look for and compare minimal shoes. Some shoe companies have been releasing some amazing minimal shoes, and even better, there are now lots of companies specifically targeting barefoot runners and releasing some amazing things that have never been seen in the past.

Finding these shoes hasn’t been easy and keeping up with all the latest, greatest shoes in this area is a lot of work on your own. I missed out on a lot of these shoes because I generally shop at traditional shops and websites like Runningwarehouse because their site and information is awesome. The problem we have found with minimal shoes is that mainstream retailers can't inventory some of the best minimal shoes because the shoe companies are so small and that’s a shame.

We thought it would be a good idea to provide a nice way to find these shoes. We wanted to give an overview on all the minimal shoes that are available with as many specifications we could find like the weight, heel-to-toe ratio and when they were released. We also tried to find and link some reviews for the shoes so people could quickly and easily read more about any shoe they were interested in.

The Shoes

We have divided the shoe database into four categories which we thought should be straightforward and understandable:

Transition shoes

Transition shoes should have a maximum heel to toe ratio of 6mm, can have some arch support, and no pronation control. We have excluded any shoes with a heel to toe ratio above 6mm because we felt that anything higher wouldn't truly be a transition shoe. 

Minimal shoes

Minimal shoes should be zero drop, minimal or no arch support, and generous toe boxes. This category includes shoes which run a wide spectrum of weight, sole thicknesses, and design but must all conform to our guidelines for minimalism.


Sandals should fully expose the foot zero or very low drop, thin soles to promote ground feel, and be designed specifically to be run in or as a minimal alternative to traditional sandals.

Toe shoes

We can’t forget (or categorize in any other way but on their own) the toe shoes from Vibram and FILA.

We provided the weight measurement on many shoes. This is the weight of size 9 men’s shoe unless its specifically a shoe for women. All this information is gathered from reviews or from the manufacturer. We try to be as accurate as possible, if you see a mistake then please let us know and we will fix it ASAP.

What still needs to be done?

We are opening the shoe database now because we feel that the best way to continue is to allow people to use it and give feedback. The database isn’t complete and never will be because we plan to add to and improve continuously.

We need to add more models such as XC shoes which are very popular for transition to more minimal shoes. Currently there are mostly shoes that are really aimed for the barefoot runners.  We are going to work on that in the coming weeks.

Our goal is to give you a good, simple overview on what minimal shoes are available. Right now it’s still very much a work in progress and any and all feedback is very much appreciated. You can do that by contacting us here, leaving a comment on our site or by sending an e-mail to

The shoe database can be found by clicking the "Shoes" link in the menu above or clicking here.


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