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On the most basic level, we are two enthusiasts who have fallen in love with running in minimal shoes. We have had countless hours of conversation on methods, form, potential and actual injuries, shoes, racing, etc... and we felt that maybe we could contribute something to anybody who would read what we have to say. The focus of the site will be the journey of two enthusiasts as we learn, mature, make mistakes, try new things, win, lose, and most of all enjoy the sport of running. We hope to provide unique perspectives, reviews of the equipment we use, and to pass on any information that we find merit in.


I'm a busy father of 2, an Engineer, MBA, and a longtime recreational runner from the Mountains of Western North Carolina. I love to run on and off road and especially over elevation changes. I have started and stopped running many times over the years for many different reasons, mostly a feeling that running became a chore. It wasn't until I found the concept of minimal/barefoot running that I became seriously interested in running again. I hope to start competing this year and eventually work up to marathons and off-road 50k ultra racing.


I'm a student from the Netherlands and site administrator here. I'm relatively new to running and started simply to get back in shape. I'm also interested in and very new to minimal running and I plan to start competing in some races. My goal this year is hopefully to finish a half marathon.


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